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The minimum draft for pontoons is 500mm which are capable of carrying smaller machines. We also supply all the necessary timber mats for deck protection along with handrails, bollards and various other accessories.


Pontoon Solutions UK maintain a range of modular road transportable pontoons, suitable for floating works and can also provide a fully road transportable 12” self – manoeuvring cutter suction dredger which enables the removal of silts, residues and sludge's.  Our longstanding expertise covers wet civil engineering projects ranging from coastal and inland dredging and river works to marinas and ornamental ponds.

We manage a large fleet of standard and long range excavators each of which can be equipped with a GPS system to provide accurate underwater control. We also supply various attachments to suit any particular application.


Recent Projects:-


River Keer – Carnforth – Maintenance dredging to tidal river

Alexandra Dock, Greenport Hull – Hull – Dredging for new Dolphin Construction to entrance of Alexandra Dock

River Eamont – Pooley Bridge – Dredging following flooding

River Derwent – Cockermouth – Dredging to sewer outfall diffusers.

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